A Follow up on our New Printer

Written by Alex


We’ve spent a couple of weeks with our new HP OfficeJet Pro X476dw printer now so we think it’s about time we let you know what we think of it. You can find our original blog here.

Look and Feel

I remember the big beige HP tanks that used to be in everyone’s offices, in fact, our new printer is a replacement for an HP LaserJet 4250 which has got to be at least ten years old and is still going strong. With printers, I’m often guilty of saying ‘they don’t make them like they used to’.

But the new printer is really nicely put together. Don’t get me wrong, you can tell there is a lot of plastic going on in there, but it’s well engineered, reassuringly heavy and there’s nothing that feels like it’s going to fall off. All in all, it does feel like it will still be going strong in ten years’ time!

It also isn’t beige, it’s dark grey and looks very nice, it’s not too shiny and flashy, it sits well in an office environment.

So the first impressions of the printer were pretty good.


Setting it up

It’s a big machine so unpacking it was fairly demanding, and they had covered the thing in lots of sticky tape to hold all the parts down, it took a fair while to remove all of this.

The cartridges just click into a little door and are very sturdy, there is no pushing the cartridges in and worrying if you’ll break something, it all feels very solid and well engineered.

Ink Cartridges

We started to get a bit worried after switching it on and it said it was going to take 25 minutes to set up. It was starting to feel like a more familiar inkjet printer where it seems to spend a load of time using all your ink. But we had to go out anyway so just left it too it, by the time we were back, it was finished.

But other than that, we just installed the HP software and were ready to go.

Printing Performance

If you’ve used an inkjet printer in the past, you’ll be amazed at how quickly this thing prints, it literally takes the paper and out it comes and it’s dry straight away.

On standard copier paper the results are not the crisp black of a laser printer, the ink doesn’t soak into the paper at all but it does effect the paper where the ink has been wet. The results here are ok for printing things just for office use but not for anything that needs to look good.

We brought some HP Inkjet paper which was reasonably priced, the results on this are really good. The colours are vivid and the paper doesn’t get effected by the ink.

The printer has a second tray and duplex, both of which work brilliantly.

Ink Use

The printer was delivered with some setup cartridges, we brought a spare set as well. We’ve been using the printer daily and so far it doesn’t seem to have used any ink. So it looks like it will be extremely efficient as it claimed to be.

Other Functions

Our printer has both a flat bed and sheet fed scanner, both of which work really well. You can scan directly from the printer, using the touch screen to select your PC or you can scan from your PC, both have so far worked reliably and efficiently. It also has a double sided scanner as well which is really useful, when copying, you can combine this with the double sided printing.


Being as it’s not 1980 anymore, we haven’t tried the fax function!

Overall Results

I felt that buying the inkjet printer was a gamble. In the past I’ve found them slow, the ink smudges, they print badly on normal paper, they use loads of ink and if you don’t use them for a few days the nozzles dry up.

But this printer is a different animal, it’s quick, economical, easy to use and delivers great results.

We’re delighted with every aspect of the new printer and would highly recommend it.

If you would like help finding a printer or would like to come and give ours a go, let us know!