Dropbox for Business Solutions Provider

Written by Alex


We’ve recently passed our accreditation to become a Dropbox for Business Solutions Provider.

Dropbox is a Cloud file storage solution which allows you to syncronise your documents and files between multiple PCs, Macs and mobile devices. It is very effective for new businesses, remote workers and also as a replacement for traditional file servers in the office.

We love Dropbox as it just works – it is very reliable and user friendly.

Our Partnership with Dropbox means several things:

– We can sell Dropbox for Business directly to you

– We have been trained and passed accreditation so we know how to set up and use all the features effectively

– We have our own control panel to provision and support Dropbox

– We have direct access to Dropbox support to quickly resolve issues

Dropbox for Business gives the following advantages:

– A business class version of the familiar and effective Dropbox software

– Predicatable pricing with per-user subscriptions on monthly or annual contracts

– As much storage as you need

– Unlimited file revision history

– Authentication features including single sign-on via Active Directory and two-step verification

– Secure remote wipe and account data recovery

For some advice or more information, get in touch with me on 01473 851460 or email [email protected].