iOS 9 Has been announced!

Written by Billy


Its that time of year again where apple has their big WWDC conference and wonderful exciting and shiny new software is shown to the public. This year is no exception of course as the new Mac OS and iOS9 has been announced! This blog is about iOS9 and what features we can expect when we all race to install it.

iOS9 isn’t radically different, certainly not on the outside. Inside, deep in the software is where it’s different. iOS8 seemed to have a few problems when it was released, it seemed to crash and freeze sometimes and whilst apple has patched most of it up, it’s still not perfect and annoyed a lot of loyal apple users. So iOS9 is very much meant to be a lot more stable, which is a great start. They have added some sweeteners to the mix as well such as,

Smarter Siri

If you use siri, its getting a whole lot smarter. Siri now understand the word ‘it’ and ‘this’ It doesn’t sound like much, but it means it will actually understand a sentence as a human would say it. It’s surprising how many times you use the word it and this! Also it’s more proactive. Apparently it can suggest and add appointments to your calendar based on the location, time and sound of your voice. Clever stuff!

Random Numbers

Ever get sales calls? – I’ll rephrase, you know the sales calls you get. Apparently you have debt or are spending too much on your electricity bills? Well now, when one of these numbers calls, your phone will automatically search your e-mails for a matching number on one of those ever more annoying e-mails, which you definitely didn’t opt into. This means that it will be able to show who actually is calling you. If it can find a match. Very clever!

Apple Pay

That feature you’ve heard so much about but realised can’t be used in the UK, will now be able to! So if you have an iPhone 6, onwards you’ll be able to pay on contactless card machines, using your phone!

Apple Maps

Apple maps wasn’t that well received at first. I confess to downloading the Google Maps app because I struggled with Apple Maps. But it is getting better of course! It includes something called ‘public transit directions’ this is great, especially abroad. Let’s say, for example you wanted to go from one side of New York to the other. Traditionally you’d need to find a subway map, and work out which line to get on and when to change trains. It’s not the most pleasurable part of traveling let’s face it. Apple Maps can now direct you to the stations, telling which trains to get on and off and get you to your destination. It’s extremely clever and something which I personally use a lot on the Google Maps app.

Multitasking for the iPad

Proper multitasking this time. Newer iPads will now include a feature to do true side by side multitasking. Want to watch something on YouTube whilst replying to an e-mail. Yes, that right it will soon be possible, just like it is on your PC. A great addition!

Low power mode

So you’re out, your battery is 10% and you have the whole night ahead of you. Usually some savvy people turn Bluetooth off, WiFi, all of the extras off. There now a simple slider to do this. So you can now squeeze that last 10% out for many more hours.

Obviously there is a lot more to iOS9 which we haven’t covered, but those are the biggest changes you’ll notice. Were anticipating based on when iOS is usually available to download for it to be ready in November. But of course there isn’t a confirmed date as yet!

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iPhone and iPad
iPhone and iPad