My Windows 10 Experience so far

Written by Alex


As a geek who has spent my entire working life working with computers, I think it’s ok to say that I’ve been excited about the release of Windows 10. I am not ashamed, I think it’s ok to be enthusiastic about computers these days! So as soon as July 29th came around and Windows 10 was released, I was very keen to get the new version installed on the two Windows devices in my life, my PC at work and my laptop at home. I thought it would be helpful to tell you how the process went so you know what to expect if you decide to upgrade to Windows 10.

Upgrade Ready

Notification that Windows 10 was ready to install
My work PC automatically downloaded Windows 10 in the background on release day through Windows Update. This is because I reserved my update previously as talked about here. Once it had finished downloading, it asked me if I wanted to install it. It was all very simple, I had to go through a quick wizard and confirm I was ok with the license and then it installed. In total, it took about an hour, this is partly because I have an SSD in my PC, I think if you have a standard hard drive it’ll take a little longer. I had no problems with the upgrade and once finished, I was able to use Windows 10 straight away. Because I went for the upgrade option it kept all my files, software and settings so all in all, the process was very seamless and easy. I was impressed that I didn’t need to provide myself with any technical support, everything just worked. And once it was finished, everything was in the same place.

As an IT ‘enthusiast’, my computer isn’t just a work device, it’s also a toy, something I enjoy using, upgrading and improving. So for me, I was a little disappointed with the familiarity of everything, it was all where it was, nothing major had changed, it just looked a little different (I’d say much better) and the start menu was a little different, but still easy to get my head around. As someone who provides IT support and help to other people who are sometimes less enthusiastic about computers however, I think this is fantastic.

With my iPhone and Mac, whenever there is a major update, I have a similar experience, it goes through seamlessly and everything is much the same once it’s finished, you get a sense of gradual, well thought out improvements rather than changing and moving everything around for the sake of it. I am always similarly disappointed when I update these as well! But I’m also always very impressed because of the usability of these updates in comparison to past upgrades to new versions of Windows.

With most new versions of Windows in the past, I have assisted people who have been left very frustrated and confused because everything has changed so much and the changes don’t seem to make sense. Moving from Windows 7 to Windows 8 being the most recent experience of this.

So, despite my personal disappointment about the familiarity of Windows 10, I am overall extremely impressed with the process and the new product so far. As mentioned in our previous blog, this is apparently going to be the last major release of Windows, from now on, everything will be gradually improved through updates so I think for everyone other than enthusiasts like myself, this will be a very welcome change.

I updated my laptop at home slightly differently. Microsoft has staggered the release of Windows 10 to presumably manage their resources and avoid putting too much strain on their servers, so the update is as fast as possible for people. Again, for me, this was disappointing as my laptop wasn’t prepared to update through Windows Update until it was ready. But all was not lost, I had a little look on the Internet and found a tool called the Media Creation Tool. It’s a small download from Microsoft and when you run it, you can choose to either create bootable media or to upgrade the PC you are using. I chose the second option. Again, the process was really simple, my laptop had one bit of incompatible software which I was happy to uninstall and other than that, it just downloaded the software and updated my laptop. So if you want to upgrade now and Windows Update isn’t doing it, you want to create bootable media to perform the update or you just want some bootable media for later, the Media Creation Tool is for you.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the entire upgrade experience, the new product and what’s more, the direction in which Microsoft now seem to be going. A lot of our clients run Microsoft based systems, I specify Microsoft systems and support them, so what Microsoft decide to do has a big effect on my work life. The past few years, with Windows 8 and changes in technologies and products have been frustrating and concerning for me, I’ve often found that I’ve felt that me and our clients were being forced to take on new technologies and go down paths they didn’t want to go down, things like Windows 8, the discontinuing of Small Business Server and the way Microsoft handled new technologies like the cloud. But over the past couple of years, Microsoft have changed their CEO and seem to have taken a much more customer and people focused approach to their products and services, making changes based on what people want rather than what they think is right and releasing new products that people actually like to use and that meet their requirements. This is quite a relief to me and a change that I hope will continue!

If you’d like any help or support upgrading to Windows 10 or if you’d like to be shown around the new version, let me know.