Our Wonderful New Office

Written by Alex


Our New Office

Our New Office

It was almost one and a half years ago that myself and Billy decided to rent Unit 9 in Epsilon House. It was a huge decision at the time, it was a big commitment for a new business. But we had our projections, our business plan and to achieve our aims, we had to have a proper office. Unit 9 was perfect, it was fairly small, not too expensive and we had some space to grow, it was a very exciting time.

When we set TwoPointZero up, one of the key parts of the business was the team, how we treated each other, supported each other and held each other to account. One of the greatest things about our time at our old office, has been, that I’ve never worked anywhere like it, I’ve never worked in such a great environment, with such a great team and with such fantastic customers and suppliers.

In our old office, there have been many late nights, serious times and some really good times, some of the best times of my working life. So I’m extremely proud that we’ve managed to outgrow our old office and be able to afford something bigger. Our new office is Suite D in Epsilon House. It’s on the first floor, so we have a view which isn’t the fronts of peoples cars, it’s much bigger so we’ve got some space to move around and grow and it’s also lovely and bright and airy.

I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to stay in Epsilon House as well, the staff there have been extremely supportive and it’s a really great place to work.

The move day was a lot of hard work, we aren’t quite in a position to pay people to move our stuff for us at the moment! We moved one of our customers in the morning and anyone who works in IT will know that one office move is enough for one day. We then had to spend the rest of the day moving things whilst simultaneously providing support. By the end of the day we were all exhausted.

Old Office on Move Day

Taking a quick break in our old office on move day

Walking into our new office on Monday morning though made it all worth it, I’m so proud of Team TwoPointZero and so grateful to all who have supported us.

The new office has a great feel about it and I’m really looking forward to the times ahead, both fun times and challenging times. I’m also looking forward to seeing how quickly we can outgrow this one!

If you’d like to pop in for a coffee and to have a look round, let us know, we’d be delighted to see you.