Whats new in iOS 8.3?

Written by Billy


A large majority of people have an iOS device somewhere in there home. an iPhone, iPad, iPod .. so you may have heard or noticed that there is now a new update available for those of you who are using the latest devices. iOS 8.3!

Despite not being a major software update, I thought it certainly had some great features worthy of blogging about! So whats new?..


Annoying, overused, fun, whatever you think of emoji its just got better! For those of you who aren’t sure about this social phenomenon  its the little tiny icons or pictures in text messages, varying from things like faces, to umbrellas to feet! Its now an industry standard and is here to stay! So in the latest Apple software update there are now more! Most notably a more ethnically diverse set of faces (which can be found by pressing and holding on the face of your choice within emoji!


Making Calls over WiFi

Its annoying having no signal. It seems to be an all too common occurrence especially when you need your phone the most. So this now has been addressed within iOS! Its called WiFi calling and is currently only supported by EE in the UK. This feature is found by going into settings, phone, and  into the WiFi Calls menu. From here you’ll be able to turn the feature on and continue making calls and sending text messages on WiFi! Brilliant! Lets hope it works with all of the other networks soon!

WiFi Calls
WiFi Calling Menu

Activating speakerphone with Siri

Previously you couldn’t make speakerphone calls with Siri – i know, i didn’t know that either! But now when you go to call someone with Siri when you say who you’re going to call, and then say ‘on speaker’ you’ll find Siri will turn on the speakerphone for you! Clever!