Meet the Team

Written by Billy


How well do you know your IT Support? Are they just voices on the other end of the phone – maybe they’re a remote entity, occasionally taking over your PC then disappearing once it’s all fixed? If they suddenly appeared at your office would you even know who they are?

TwoPointZero strive to be more than just voices on phones or mythical mouse movers – We believe our customers should know who they’re working with and put faces to names. We love to get out on site and meet people and, whilst remote working is sometimes necessary, we would like to think you know who you are talking to. So, for the next few weeks, we will be ‘Introducing the Team’ on our Social Media and email platforms. Starting at the top with our Directors Alex Chapman and Billy Brundle.

Alex and Billy started the company in 2015 and have gone from strength to strength. Their success most likely attributed to their shared focus and business goals, “My dream is to create the ‘perfect’ IT company” says Alex “One that is always ready and offers customers the best, most proactive, solutions.” Billy agrees, “I want us to be known for being the best and leaders in our field”.

This attitude has already gone a long way towards securing their Future 50 status; Billy’s stand-out moment so far with TwoPointZero. Future50 is a collection of Norfolk and Suffolk’s most innovative and ambitious companies, the regions ‘Ones to watch’.
“I am really proud of what this award means and the other businesses we can legitimately benchmark ourselves with,” Billy says, “we are on a par with some very strong local SMEs”

As well as achieving this notable award, what other moments stand out from the last few years? “For me it was taking on our first employee” Alex reminisces, “I think that was a really special point for me as a business owner, we had staff and were growing as a company”. Perhaps even more of an achievement, that first member of staff is still with them as Ethan has progressed from those early days as an Apprentice to a full-time IT Technician.

In fact Ethan is now one of many staff at TwoPointZero, now joined by Adam who has also progressed from apprentice to IT Technician, Bradley – the latest apprentice recruit, Lindsey in the role of Accounts and Office manager and Liz who helps with Marketing and promoting the company.

TwoPointZero is obviously a successful, growing company with a great client base, rising staff numbers and awards to their name. So what next?

“I enjoy making the customers happy, solving their problems and meeting their needs and I intend to keep on doing just that!” Says Billy, “That for me is what TwoPointZero is all about”.

And Alex? “I just love coming to work with this fantastic team. It’s such a great working environment that you can’t help but feel positive about the company and where we are going”.