On Site Backups

Most of us have learned Murphy’s Law the hard way. Anything which can go wrong, will go wrong. This might be a pessimistic outlook, but when it comes to your organisation’s data, can you really be too careful?

We can recommend, implement and maintain the best on site backup system for you, whether that’s a local server or a hard drive.


[Peace of Mind]

Our on site backup services provide complete peace of mind to clients who are serious about protecting their data. When a simple misplaced keystroke (or more malevolent activity) could lose you decades of data, with serious consequences for your organisation, taking a smarter approach to backing up is very wise.

[Advantages of On Site Backups]

Why should you choose on site backups over the Cloud backup alternative? While some organisations use both for extra security, many opt for the on site option alone. That’s because it’s typically more affordable, doesn’t require access to the internet and ensures your backed up data is very easy to access any time you need it. Data backed up on site also “feels” more secure as it physically exists within your premises.

[Are On Site Backups Right For You?]

For smaller organisations with more modest data backup requirements, on site backups are often a good choice. Accessible, affordable and entirely safe in all but extreme situations (such as physical fires or floods), this option also suits organisations who want to be able to track and monitor their data. For those who want extra security, choosing to use both on site and Cloud backups is common, but not essential to guarantee a high level of protection.

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