Spam Filtering


[Why Do You Need Robust Email Spam Filtering?]

Spam filters act like a shield, filtering out the bad emails and ushering them away into your spam folder or rejecting them completely. Not only is this effective at protecting you and your team from scams, but it also reduces the number of marketing and promotional emails you receive.

An effective email spam filtering will:

  • Detect and block spam before it reaches your inbox
  • Protect your business from quickly spreading viruses and worms
  • Reduce the amount of email that’s backed up and archived
  • Lower your administrative IT costs
    Minimise network downtime and preserve employee productivity

[Anti-Virus Set up Services]

Putting robust anti-virus protection in place is an essential step you must take to protect your business. At TwoPointZero, we work with you to explore the particular risks you face before planning and implementing a comprehensive in-house and cloud-based anti-virus solution. We also include online elements to support updates and protect mobile devices.

[How can TwoPointZero Help?]

Putting robust and effective spam filtering in place is one part of the IT support and security services we provide for businesses in Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk and the East of England.

We tailor solutions to meet the specific requirements you face, protecting your business with industry leading anti-spam solutions backed by unbeatable customer support. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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