IT Financing

When resources are tight, difficult decisions need to be made about where money should be sent and where it can be saved. Simply not buying the IT hardware you need is a false economy because you can miss out on new opportunities and the chance to increase efficiency.

[Making the Right Decision]

There are two options. You can either buy the equipment you need upfront or find an IT finance deal that allows you to spread the cost over time. The cheapest way to purchase the equipment is to pay for it upfront, but that can put a strain on your cash-flow situation and damage your business’s ability to pay its bills and operate effectively.

Choosing a computer financing deal allows you to maintain a healthy level of cash-flow in your businesses by substituting the significant initial outlay for a fixed cost every month that you can budget for. That leaves more cash to operate effectively and grow the business.

[Spread the Cost of New Hardware]

Computer networks play a fundamental role in just about every type of business, so it’s really important you get the network cabling right. Whether it’s just basic email or the speedy transfer of documents on a daily basis, we can design an installation plan that allows you to perform at your best.

Our network cabling installation services include hardware set up and configuration, network testing, long-term support and whatever else you need. We can also provide advice about the right type and configuration of data cabling and the many other factors you should consider when carrying out this work.

[The Benefits of Computer Financing Deals]

  • Your business can benefit from premium products for smaller monthly payments;
  • You can spread the cost over a period of time so the impact on cash-flow is less severe;
  • The monthly IT finance payments are tax deductible (although you should consult your accountant first);
  • You’ll have a predictable monthly expense which can help you budget more effectively;
    Buy now pay later deals are available so you don’t pay a penny upfront.

We have a range of IT finance deals available on all of our IT hardware supplies. If you’re interested in spreading the costs of essential equipment, please get in touch with our team.

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