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[Security Strategy for Your Business]

Cyber-security has always been hugely important, but following the range of the attacks on small and large businesses in the last couple of years, it’s clear no business is safe. With cyber-attacks becoming more and more sophisticated, it’s essential you take the time to put a comprehensive security strategy in place.

A business security strategy involves a range of preventative measures to make sure your data is safe. That includes embracing best practices and educating employees to prevent brand damage and financial loss.

[Why IT Security Needs to be Planned at a Strategic Level]

Many businesses believe their investment in technical security solutions is sufficient to keep their assets, reputation, intellectual property, staff and customers safe from cyber attacks. But the truth is that’s only one part of an effective defence.

Business owners must ensure they have an integrated approach to cyber security that is tailored to their business type and the specific risks they face. As well as the technical aspects of their defence, there are also the people and the organisational elements to consider.

[Understanding the Weak-Points Within a Business]

When creating a comprehensive security strategy for a business, we need to understand the following areas:

  • The cyber-security risks that are specific to your organisation and business operations;
  • The ability for any cyber-security strategy to integrate with your existing security measures;
  • The need for protective monitoring to prevent and deter any ‘insider’ threat;
  • A contingency plan for any attacks that do break your defences.

[Planning a Security Strategy to Roll-Out]

We help growing businesses in every sector develop effective cyber-security strategies that integrate with existing systems to minimise disruption and keep them safe. Get in touch with our team so we can start putting a plan in place.

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