Proactive PC Support

We do much more than fix PCs, we make them more powerful, more productive and proactively protect them against potential problems too.

We provide organisations of all shapes and sizes with Microsoft- or Linux-based PC support, plus assistance with both software and hardware. From charities and SMEs, to schools and enterprises, we design services which help organisations do more with their technology.

[Monitoring Your Systems]

We offer 24/7 monitoring of your systems, making sure everything runs smoothly, while also keeping your PCs at the cutting edge, offering the expert support and insights of an in-house IT director.

Whether we’re ensuring your network is running at top speed to increase productivity, or recommending hardware upgrades to keep you competitive, we get to know your organisation in depth in order to offer personalised PC support.

[Hardware & Software]

Your team are only as good as the equipment they use. Our PC support ensures they have the tools they need to excel.

From remote assistance with software, to fast support when you need a technician at your premises, we look after every aspect of your PCs, from your projectors and your networks, to the software you share across your organisation.

But we don’t just “fix stuff”. We also help your PCs stay on the ball, recommending software updates, facilitating hardware upgrades and offering helpful suggestions to make your IT work for you.

[Microsoft & Linux Support]

Whatever your platform we ensure your PCs perform at their peak. We are equally experienced with both Microsoft and Linux, providing specialist support with all IT requirements.

Whether you need to implement a new network solution, choose a cloud service or fix a glitch, we offer specialist support tailored to suit your organisation – and its operating system of choice.

Our Microsoft and Linux-based support connects you with a team of skilled IT professionals ready to pre-empt issues, recommend enhancements and ensure your PCs run perfectly.

[Getting to Know You]

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to PC support. We know that every client we support has all sorts of different requirements. That’s why “who you are” is at the core of what we do. We learn about your organisation’s goals in order to provide support which helps you get where you want to go.

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