Today’s businesses face a greater range of threats than ever before. With mobile, social, cloud and big data technologies all susceptible to security breaches, it is essential you have a comprehensive range of IT and internet security solutions in place to protect the integrity of your business, your employees and your customers.

At TwoPointZero, our leading IT security solutions work to reduce risk, ensure system and data security and automate regulatory compliance. We work with you to protect your business proactively and cost effectively, tailoring, designing and implementing a security solution that meets the particular risks you face.


[Spam Filtering Service]

No doubt you’re inundated with genuine emails every day, so the last thing you need is unsolicited marketing and promotional emails as well as an increasingly sophisticated range of phishing scams to deal with. A spam filtering service helps to block these messages before they reach your inbox, improving productivity and efficiency and keeping you and your business safe.

[Anti-Virus Set Up Services]

Putting robust anti-virus protection in place is an essential step you must take to protect your business. At TwoPointZero, we work with you to explore the particular risks you face before planning and implementing a comprehensive in-house and cloud-based anti-virus solution. We also include online elements to support updates and protect mobile devices.

[IT Security Strategies]

Given the sophisticated and diverse threats out there, it’s important you take a look at security from the ground up, not only putting the software you need in place but also embracing best practices and educating employees to prevent potential damage and loss. We help businesses develop all-encompassing IT security strategies that integrate with your existing systems to maintain your efficiency and keep you safe.


[Business Firewall]

Internal and external business firewalls are an essential part of your business’s security, helping to protect your sensitive company and customer data from hackers, viruses and fraudsters. We implement a firewall, whether it’s internal, external or a combination of the two, that’s designed to meet the particular threats you face.

[VPN/Remote Access]

A remote access VPN connection allows an individual user to connect to a private network from a remote location using a laptop or desktop computer. Given the increasing reliance on remote working and the importance of travel, this allows you and your employees to work securely, efficiently and productively while on the move.

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