Cloud Backups

Sometimes it feels like just about anything can happen, both in business and in everyday life. From hacks and accidental IT disasters, to physical fires and floods, there are all sorts of adverse circumstances which could lead to your organisation losing crucial data.


[Is It Worth the Risk?]

Some of these risks may be extreme and unlikely, but when it comes to the security of your organisation, you can never be too careful. Cloud backups are one of the best protections against any number of potential threats to your data.

This option keeps your data offsite on a remote server, protecting it from digital and physical harm. Ask us to recommend, implement or maintain a Cloud backup solution that fits your organisation perfectly today.

[Advantages of Cloud Backups]

Unlike on site back ups, Cloud backups are safe from physical threats such as fire or flood at your premises. But that’s not the only reason many organisations choose to use Cloud backups. This approach also makes your data easily accessible from any location via internet or FTP, allowing you to share back up data with different remote locations – very convenient in the event of a real disaster.

[Are Cloud Backups Right For You?]

Cloud backups are more costly than on site backups alone, but they do offer an extra level of protection. Any organisation which takes the security of its data seriously should be making use of Cloud backups to protect its most valuable assets.

Many clients choose to use a blend of both on site and Cloud backups to harness the benefits of both options. Contact our experts now for a personalised recommendation made with your precise setup in mind.

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