Hosted Desktop

Hosted desktop solutions, also known as cloud or virtual desktops, are a cloud-based service that allows you to securely access business data, email and applications on any computing device, from anywhere. To access this service, you use a virtual desktop interface, which looks just like your normal Windows desktop.

Having access to a virtual desktop allows your employees to access all their files, data and applications when working remotely at home, on the road or when meeting a client. That means they have all the information they need to improve efficiency and productivity and offer a better service to customers.


[Automatic Backups]

There are also benefits in terms of administration, with all files, data and user profiles held in a single location. Software is also upgraded automatically and for free, users are protected from viruses and all files are automatically backed up to prevent the loss of data.

[Benefits of a Cloud Desktop]

  • Mobility – Your team can access the files they need from any location;
  • Financial savings – Research has shown it costs £1500 – £2000 per person, per year, to supply licences and manage and support a fixed desktop. Virtual desktops reduce this cost to less than £1000;
  • Improved cash-flow – A hosted desktop service removes the need for costly capital expenditure on physical hardware;
  • Scalability – Hosted desktops give you flexibility to scale your requirements and grow;
  • Enhanced security – A cloud desktop provider will perform daily data back ups on your behalf.

[How We Can Help]

At TwoPointZero, we can reduce your operating costs and future-proof your IT with hosted desktop solutions. We can move you to a hosted desktop quickly and easily and then manage and maintain it on your behalf, allowing you to access the software and data you need, wherever you are. Please get in touch for more information.

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