Disaster Recovery as a Service

Don’t let disasters slow you down – or even shut you down. If your IT systems completely crash thanks to human error, malicious attacks or even natural disasters, you need to know that your organisation will survive.


[Safeguarding Your Business]

With so much work now undertaken digitally, the potential costs and consequences of a catastrophic shut down could be huge. If you don’t have the in-house expertise or the budget to build a watertight IT disaster recovery plan, DRaaS (Disaster recovery as a service) will provide you with the safeguards you need to protect your organisation.

By replicating and hosting your physical or virtual servers, third party providers (like us!) give your organisation a “place to go” should disaster strike. This hosted environment will include all the applications you need to remain operational while your own system is repaired.

[Advantages of Third Party DR Support]

Third party disaster support has a number of advantages beyond providing a safety net for organisations. Compared to the cost of developing and implementing an off-site disaster recovery plan in-house, DRaaS is much more affordable, offering peace of mind at a fraction of the cost – ideal if your in-house IT skills and budget are limited. Hosted by a third party, DRaaS is also entirely removed from your system, ensuring its survival should your system collapse.

[Staying Safe With TwoPointZero]

We build safe spaces for our DRaaS clients, helping them minimise the potential cost of a catastrophic IT issue. These hosted environments are replications of clients’ own servers, including the applications and data they need to continue with business even as they work to repair a broken system.

Not everyone can be an IT genius. And not every organisation includes an IT department. That’s why we work closely with clients to help build the disaster recovery services they need, based on their unique requirements and our expert insights.

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