Office 365 For Businesses

Sick of emailing documents back and forth with confusing tracked changes? Want to be able to work more fluidly and flexibly, without combing your inbox for the latest version of a crucial spreadsheet? It might be time to get started with Office 365.

Office 365

[What is Microsoft 365?]

Office 365 is a Cloud-based suite of tools and applications from Microsoft designed to boost collaboration and communication while completing tasks on any device. It’s full of all the tools you’ll be familiar with from working with Microsoft applications (like Outlook, Word and PowerPoint) but situated in the Cloud with lots of helpful extras which make communication and sharing much simpler and more convenient.

Whether you’re migrating inboxes or getting started with Office 365, we’ll set up a system which suits your organisation.

[What’s included in Office 365 ?]

All of the Microsoft programmes you’re used to using on your desktop have all been repackaged within Office 365, complete with additional helpful collaboration and communication tools. Under the bonnet you will find:

  • Office tools (i.e. Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint)
  • Business class email
  • Communication tools (IM, social networking, video conferencing etc.)
    Teamwork tools (shareable storage, multi-party video, shared calendars etc.)
  • Built in security
  • Project management tools (including Microsoft Planner)

[Office 365 & Active Directory]

When you decide to make the switch to Office 365, you’ll want all users across your organisation to be set up with 365 accounts – including passwords and integrated email – quickly, easily and smoothly.

Your existing active directory should include all of the users already on your system, but now you need to get this directory online. The best synchronisation option for you will depend on the size and scope of your business. Our specialists can assess your best options then smoothly synchronise your system.

[Let’s Get the Ball Rolling]

Once you’ve decided to implement Office 365,the faster and smoother you can make the integration and roll out, the more affordable and painless the process will be.

We help organisations of all sizes get set up with Office 365, synchronising active directories, integrating emails and helping you get the functionality you want from this Cloud-based suite of tools. Whether you need guidance or hands-on support, we’re here to help at every step of the way.

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