Better Backups & Disaster Recovery

Never lose files, data, software or functionality ever again. Our expert backup and disaster recovery services ensure all of your organisation’s valuable assets are stored securely.

From scheduled on site backups which keep your data safe as houses, to secure cloud backups, we offer a complete range of options to suit organisations of all sizes. Should you misplace or erase anything essential, our disaster recovery and data recovery experts are here to save the day when emergencies arise.


[On Site Backups]

Want to store your stuff securely on site? We can make that happen. Whichever local storage device or method you’d like to use, we can arrange regular scheduled backups to ensure nothing ever slips through the cracks. We can even make on site storage and security recommendations especially for your organisation.

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[Cloud Backups]

Backing up to the Cloud can give organisations extra peace of mind and provide a more convenient alternative to on site backups. While some clients double up with both on site and Cloud backups, others opt for the Cloud option alone, preferring the security and cost-efficiency it offers. Ask us to recommend and implement the best option for you.

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[Disaster Recovery]

Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place in case your IT system takes a nosedive? You need to. We help clients design and implement IT disaster recovery plans, then enact them should the unthinkable happen. A complete IT catastrophe is unlikely, but would your organisation survive this kind of crash? Let us help you prepare.

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[Data Recovery]

Lost an essential file or crucial data? Our data recovery specialists will help you retrieve it. We perform highly effective data recovery of any size from any system, turning that heart-stopping “Oh no!” moment into a sigh of relief. From hard drives and servers to the Cloud, we stop at nothing to return your lost data.

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