Cloud Solutions

Are you too busy getting on with business to have your head stuck in the Cloud? TwoPointZero can help. Our Cloud specialists ensure your accessible, Cloud-based systems run smoothly and evolve in step with the latest technology, while you get on with what you do best.

Cloud Solutions

[Our Cloud Expertise]

Our expertise cover all areas of Cloud computing including implementing Office 365, conducting Cloud migrations, arranging Cloud email, working with SharePoint, managing Azure applications, sorting AWS (Amazon Web Services), creating hosted desktops and protecting clients with smart back ups.

From 24/7 monitoring, to responsive support in person or over the phone, our Cloud services aren’t “remote”, they’re easy-to-access and designed to suit a wide spectrum of organisations.

[Office 365 Solutions]

Created by Microsoft, Office 365 is a fantastic suite of Cloud-based applications which allows teams to “create, communicate, collaborate and get great work done”. Although impressive, this suite sometimes needs some tweaking to work for every organisation, especially if you’re transitioning to Office 365 from a non-Cloud based system.

We help make transitions to Office 365 smooth and simple for organisations of all shapes and sizes; implementing systems which improve visibility, ensure security and make your new reliance on the web easy to handle.

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[Server Migration]

Moving on up? We’re ready to make your server migration smooth, simple and safe. If you’ve decided to move to a Cloud server (or from one Cloud serve to another), we’ll ensure the transition takes place with minimal downtime and absolutely no loss of data. We can even recommend the best Cloud server options based on our expert analysis of your organisation and its IT systems.

From expert recommendations, to specialist support with Cloud server migration, let out IT geniuses make the entire process refreshingly straightforward.

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[Cloud Email]

In today’s hectic communications era, having constant access to email from any device is essential for everyone from startup CEOs to school administrators. The Cloud is now the most convenient and logical option for email, allowing users to log in from any location with a WiFi connection. Our expert Cloud email support will keep your organisation connected.

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This collaborative Cloud-based platform is all about making working together easy in the digital sphere. A strong choice for document management and storage, SharePoint can be integrated with Microsoft Office, allowing organisations to set up hugely accessible, flexible systems which sure their needs. We help our clients integrate and shape SharePoint to improve their processes.

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Microsoft Azure is a hugely flexible system of integrated Cloud services which gives users the tools to develop, manage and deploy applications . Great for organisations taking a hybrid approach to IT and for unique clients looking for specialised applications or integrations, this powerful bit of kit will make the Cloud work for you – especially with our IT experts at the helm.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a growing bundle of Cloud services which includes storage services, notification services, database services and much more for organisations looking for secure, affordable Cloud services. We help clients get started with AWS, integrate their organisation with the system, build extra functionality and much more.

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[Hosted Desktop]

We help organisations design, build, launch and maintain hosted desktops which allow them and their team to work from any machine with an internet connection. By developing a virtual desktop users can log into from any machine, organisations can make all of their essential tools and data easily available to team members, enabling highly flexible working.

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[Smart Back Up]

It’s easy to forget manual back ups, but this can leave your organisation very vulnerable when problems arise. Smart back ups automate the process, ensuring all of your data is safely stored in case of emergencies. Cloud-based smart back ups are one of the best options for organisations serious about protecting their data. Let us set up and manage every aspect.

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