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[Business Firewall Solutions]

A good network firewall is an essential part of your business’s security, helping to keep your company and customer information safe and secure in the face of increasing threats from hackers, viruses and fraudsters.

When integrated with a comprehensive security device, business firewalls offer a range of benefits for growing SMEs. That includes:

  • Support for changing needs – You can safely deploy new applications such as VoIP, video and multimedia without having to worry about security.
  • Controlled access to company resources – Firewalls can block unauthorised access to applications and information.
  • Increased productivity – A firewall prevents the loss of valuable data and protects employee productivity.
  • Improved business resilience – The best firewalls prevent the disruption of the software and applications you rely on.

[External Firewall]

Business firewall solutions are available as either internal (software) or external (hardware) solutions. An external firewall is a security tool that is located on a device other than the computer’s hard drive. This makes it perfectly suited for use with older systems that cannot operate the software you need.

Not only can an external firewall be updated independently of the device, but it can also prevent a device from spreading infected software to other computers.

[Understanding the Weak-Points Within a Business]

When creating a comprehensive security strategy for a business, we need to understand the following areas:

  • The cyber-security risks that are specific to your organisation and business operations;
  • The ability for any cyber-security strategy to integrate with your existing security measures;
  • The need for protective monitoring to prevent and deter any ‘insider’ threat;
  • A contingency plan for any attacks that do break your defences.

[Internal Firewalls]

Internal or software firewalls protect each PC they are installed on. To protect all of your business’s devices, an internal firewall will have to be installed on each, which can make internal firewalls an expensive option. In some cases, the best option is a combination of an external and internal firewall, with a hardware solution integrated with software controls to keep your business safe and secure.

[Finding the Right Option For You]

At TwoPointZero, we work with you to understand your needs and design and implement a cost-effective network firewall that provides the security you need. Get in touch to discuss your requirements with our team.

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