Hybrid Solutions

There’s no denying that cloud computing, with its flexibility, increased collaboration, automatic software updates and enhanced security, is incredibly popular at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it’s the answer to all your business’s IT needs. The simple fact is that for many businesses, in-house solutions still have their place.

Hybrid IT solutions are all about finding the perfect combination of cloud-based and in-house IT systems to meet your specific needs. Once the preserve of large organisations, now growing businesses can enjoy the benefits of the full flexibility of the cloud coupled with the assurance that comes from an on-premises solution.


[How Businesses Can Benefit From a Hybrid Solution]

Hybrid IT solutions are all about finding what’s right for your business, allowing you to choose when it’s best to host resources in-house or farm it out to the cloud. The benefits include:

  • Cost control – 65 percent of organisations say hybrid IT solutions lead to cost savings.
  • Resilience/reliability – Platforms are typically chosen based on the best fit for your purpose.
  • Security/compliance – Businesses can pick and choose the systems they want more control of to keep in-house.
  • Ease/efficiency – The right mix of cloud and in-house IT solutions can make life easier and more efficient.

[How Your Two Point Zero Hybrid Solution Will Work]

At TwoPointZero, we take the time to discuss the needs of your organisation and your current IT infrastructure with you to establish the best mix of cloud and in-house solutions. As well as maintaining and operating your business’s IT resources, we can also discuss potential changes and upgrades, such as migrating certain functions to the cloud, to improve the way you work. For more information, please get in touch with our team.

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