Server Migration

Whether you’re migrating from an on site server to a Cloud server, or simply migrating to a new Cloud provider, our IT specialists ensure that the transition is smooth, safe and swift, minimising costs, hitches and downtime.

We understand that time is money for the organisations we support with IT. Every minute of downtime is a minute that team members can’t access crucial files. With this in mind, we use our expertise to make cloud server migration fast and painless, so you can get on with business.

We may be speedy, but we never cut corners. Our best practice processes ensure that every crumb of data is migrated to its new home in the Cloud, safe and sound.


[On Site-to-Cloud Migration (Virtualisation)]

Many organisations are now making the switch from using an on site server to using a Cloud server. This is a process sometimes known as virtualisation and it comes with an array of benefits.

For organisations without an in house IT team, switching to a Cloud server means responsibility for maintaining, updating and securing your server is off your hands. More flexible and more scalable, Cloud servers can also amply accommodate your needs as they evolve, often making Cloud options more cost effective.

[Server to Server Migration]

Perhaps you need to switch to a larger on site server. Maybe you’ve uncovered a more competitively priced Cloud server. You may even be looking for more impressive security features from a Cloud server provider. Whatever reasons you have for making the jump, our experienced team will see your data transplanted safely from its old home to its shiny new platform.

We complete fast server to server migrations for organisations of all shapes and sizes, causing minimal disruption to everyday business. We can even make personally tailored server recommendations, based on our expertise and knowledge of your business.

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