IT Security Measures

Written by Billy


Whilst GDPR is the subject of everyone’s focus at the moment it is easy to forget that the data you can capture needs to be well protected – alongside ensuring that the technology needed to run your business needs to be kept equally safe and secure – from virtual and physical threats.


Physical Measures:

How secure is your server? Do you have a dedicated room or a locked case in a corner of the office? Who has physical access to the server – are there keys, a passcode? The server is the heart of your data storage and any vulnerabilities to this need to be addressed. It isn’t just your server that needs protecting – any devices that communicate data across your network are vulnerable to hackers and corruption.

We can help you put these measures in place – addressing the location and storage of your technology and advising on any changes or improvements that can be made.


Passwords, Backups and Peripherals:

Do you have a record of all your staff passwords and logins – how do you reset any that have been forgotten? Can you log in remotely to their systems and deal with any problems?

How do you back up your systems and data – each day? How long do you keep each back up for and do you have a rotation system for back up tapes? There are so many questions when dealing with remote working and reliable backups – Again, we can do a full audit of your systems and processes, best advising on additional measures to put in place.


The Cloud:

Maybe your site can’t accommodate a server of its own – or staff can’t physically remove daily back-ups – we can help with cloud solutions – moving your backups and data storage to a secure, off-site location.


Disaster Monitoring and Recovery:

Does your recovery process work on a reactionary level? We have the systems to provide 24:7 monitoring, often dealing with problems before our customers themselves even realise there is a problem!


At TwoPointZero we want to help make your business as safe and compliant as possible. We have a wealth of experience helping customers and pride ourselves on staying aware of the latest developments and products in the market that can help your business work safely and efficiently.