IT Support you can build your business on

Written by Billy


Unless you’re a true luddite, you’re likely very aware of the ever-growing range of ways IT now provides increased flexibility, productivity and connectivity for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We’re truly living through amazing times for technology… until, that is, you find yourself staring at a blue screen. Or your day is brought to a standstill by a frozen software update. Or you’re frantically struggling to recover a key document after a system failure. Which, as it happens, is exactly what we want to talk to you about.

In truth, ensuring your IT is on point can be a complex, frustrating and costly game. Especially when it’s not your area of expertise, and it’s something you’re trying to manage around more pressing tasks, like keeping your business afloat.

Which is why here at TwoPointZero, we cut through the crap, to offer you a range of all-inclusive IT support packages. Whether you’re a start-up with a few laptops and a lot of big ideas, or a growing enterprise that requires the strategic eye of a virtual IT director, we have something to suit your needs – and budget.

Why choose TwoPointZero?

 Proactive approach. You can always reach us by phone, of course. But our proactive approach to looking after your IT means that long before you need to speak to our expert team, we’ll have spotted, and resolved, any potential issues. That’s because we monitor your systems 24/7, and know what to look out for.

We’ll spare you the tech-speak. We know all the acronyms and terminology, but don’t worry, we’ll save them for the team Christmas party. Instead, when you trust us with your IT, we’ll give you transparent advice and solutions, in language that a layperson can understand.

Low cost. Our small and professional team are all about efficient working and low overheads. That means we can pass those savings onto you. Which is why our managed all-inclusive onsite support package (for up to five workstations) is only £125 per month, and our enterprise level offering starts at just £10 per device.

When you subscribe to our IT support services, you’ll enjoy:

 Access to powerful antivirus software. you’ll receive the kind of substantial and responsive protection from emerging cyber threats that you simply can’t get with off the shelf products these days.

  • Regular reporting. As we monitor your systems, we’ll keep you posted on what is happening.
  • A choice of remote or onsite support. Should you need us, we’ll be there, either in person, or virtually, depending on what works best for your business.
  • Annual IT review. We’ll look at your systems, and offer insights and advice on ways you could further harness your IT to reduce your costs and improve your productivity.
  • 20% discount on our hourly rates. Should you require our talents for things like migration, installations and disaster recovery, you’ll enjoy priority service and a nice members’ discount.

Enterprise level support. As part of our Enterprise-level IT support package, we also provide a 3-year strategic IT plan, quarterly system reviews, and a virtual IT director, to give your business the kind of insight and knowledge required to steer your IT into line with your wider business needs.

Whatever stage your organisation is at, we’re here to help. Why not get in touch with our friendly and approachable team and let’s get your IT working for you?