Remote Working

Written by Billy


If there’s one thing you can rely on about the UK it’s the unreliability of the weather. Just when you think winter is over it snows in April, months of extreme dry weather then sees half the country washed away in the Autumn and extreme winds bring down power cables and shut bridges and roads all year round.
Do you have a plan for when your staff can’t make it to the office? Or is that a day of work lost?
It’s not just weather that causes a problem – we live in a very ‘virtual’ society and for many the idea of working from home is a preference rather than just a weather induced necessity.
A survey by Investors in People found that over a third (31%) of workers would prefer a more flexible approach to work, such as remote working, over a 3% pay rise.

As an IT Support company we can help you plan the remote working systems that you and your staff need – whether for those occasional emergency scenarios or a more regular home working set up.

What do you need in place to Work from Home?
For your employees to be able to work from home they will need:
1. A home-based device (this may be a personal device, or a business laptop they can take home)
2. An Internet connection
3. Possibly a VoIP handset or a VoIP headset (e.g. that you would use with Skype)

Enabling your team to Connect to your files remotely….
We can ensure that everything is in place for your staff to connect to their files and documents remotely – we can even give them a basic training brief so that they can access everything without issue including how to transfer calls through a VoIP system.
You will need to consider the following elements to provide the most seamless support for your team….

1. A Terminal Server or, if you don’t have one, the ability to allow your teams to access files and applications via a web connection.

2. In order for everyone to access Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word etc) each employee will need a local copy installed.

3. Pre-configured VPN access.

4. VoIP telephony so that calls can be diverted to home landlines or mobiles.

Because we offer 24/7 monitoring we can also provide this for individual devices ensuring that we can offer the same reliable and consistent support rain or shine (or even snow).