Sick of SPAM? We can Help!

Written by Alex


Junk e-mail is becoming a real problem these days, it ranges from unwanted and sometimes offensive emails to scams and viruses which can cause a lot of disruption to a business, it’s very easy to click on an email claiming to be an invoice and end up with a virus infected PC. Even if you have antivirus software, these viruses can sometimes still get through.

Fortunately, there are solutions and, at TwoPointZeroIT, we are specialists in email filtering.

Our email filtering solution scans all your messages before they get to your email server. As well as being a highly effective and customisable solution, to stop most unwanted mail without blocking legitimate messages, it also has other benefits:

– By stopping junk mail before it gets to your server you can ensure that your server isn’t bogged down processing and storing unwanted messages

– No software to install on your server simplifying installation and management – because the filtering is done in the cloud there is less to go wrong on your server

– Messages are held on our system until they are delivered to your server, so if there is a problem with your system or Internet connection, instead of being returned to sender, the emails are held until your server is ready to accept them again.

– You can log into the system to send and read your emails if there are problems with your server. So if your server crashes or has problems, you can still send and receive emails.

– Users receive a daily email (more often if required) of blocked emails so if an email is blocked that they want, they can both unblock it and whitelist it so they don’t get blocked in future.

– Because the filtering is done in the cloud, it is constantly updated and highly effective at blocking unwanted emails.

– It is simply paid for by the number of mailboxes you have, on a monthly basis. If you use any of our other monthly services, we can simply add it to your monthly bill.

– Our solution automatically syncs the email addresses on your server with the cloud service, so if you add a new mailbox, the email address is automatically added to the email filter which saves time and prevents confusion of adding a mailbox and email not getting through because the email address isn’t set up on the filter.

– The service includes an outgoing email server to help ensure your sent emails don’t get blocked as Spam.

– Add-ons include a fully featured email archiving service which can archive your emails for up to ten years.

– When we set the service up, we configure your firewall so it only accepts incoming email from our filtering servers, this means nobody can attempt to bypass the service and send Spam directly to or from your server which significantly improves security as well as the effectiveness of the email filter.

If you’d like more information on our email filtering, or any of the IT Support solutions we provide across Ipswich, Colchester, Essex, and Suffolk get in touch!