Business IT Support for 2023

Written by Billy


We got through Covid, now we’re navigating the ‘great resignation’ and a recession. Companies across the UK have a lot to think about right now and your business IT spend shouldn’t add to your headaches.

As part of our support packages, we work with clients across Essex and Suffolk to help them best plan their IT for the future – depending on their individual business aspirations, industry and budget. We work with large national companies, SMEs, charities, and schools across a variety of industries. We recognise that every one of our clients is different and we look to find the right solutions for them.

At TwoPointZero we are often asked how much clients should budget for their annual IT provision. The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and no way of standardising the calculation. The best way to plan for the future is to identify what your business needs to achieve – whether that be growth, data protection, collaborative working, or something else and then build these priorities into a functional and affordable plan.

Your IT spend should provide your business with the best solutions possible to enable your team to work as efficiently and productively as possible – wherever they are based. Whilst the amount you budget will depend on each individual business it is worth prioritising and evaluating your IT needs.

Will your IT provision:

• Enable you to grow your business by reaching more potential customers?
• Streamline and automate your day-to-day operations to maximise efficiency?
• Protect your business and customer data and finances with reliable cybersecurity preventing expensive breaches and lost downtime?
• Improve your business performance – customer and staff experience?
• Train your staff to get the best out of remote working?
• Provide proactive support to all of your workforce and systems regardless of geography?

If you are looking at your IT budget for the coming year contact us for simple, realistic IT Support based on the needs of your business.