But have you tried turning it on and off again?

Written by Billy


No, really, have you tried? Because all cliches aside, sometimes a simple restart can be just the breather that your equipment needs to get going again!
A reboot – a restart – powering down – whatever terminology you use they all relate to the same thing, but why is it that something so simple can so often be the answer to your IT glitches? At its most basic level turning off your computer (or most equipment, including iPads and smartphones) will wipe temporarily stored data from the memory and allow the machine to restart in a fresh state.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But why does technology stop working in the first place?
Problems usually arise because the code (or commands) running different programs can become confused and conflicted. When you turn off and restart the code has a chance to reset itself and load up again from the beginning.

To unplug or not to unplug – that is the question….
Sometimes simply switching a device off isn’t enough to totally power down, this is why unplugging at the power source and leaving for a few minutes is more effective.

What if that still doesn’t work?
Of course there are some problems that can’t be resolved just by turning your machine on and off (otherwise we would be out of a job!) and a slow running or freezing computer can be a sign of bigger problems. And that’s where we come in.

Working with Two Point Zero means that your systems are monitored 24:7 and we can assess (and often repair) problems from a distance.

Ideally, we like to put things in place to make sure that your infrastructure is working from the ground up and that everything at the heart of your business technology is the best it can be; rather than waiting for problems to arise.
We keep a log of the equipment our clients own so we can be alerted when updates are needed and we arrange regular housekeeping visits to physically check equipment and systems in-situ. This means that if ‘turning it off and back on again’ doesn’t work we can quickly find the solution to re-boot your business IT.